Stress to Serenity
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What we do

Stress to Serenity - At the heart of your wellbeing.

As an experienced Therapist and Yoga Teacher, Katherine wanted calm relaxing music which would be a perfect time for an hours lesson or appointment.  Michael has created four 15minute tracks to relax and calm, with gentle timers at 15, 30, 45 and  55 minutes to help you monitor your time.  This is sold as a CD or can be streamed (downloaded) with a certificate ie PRS FREE.

Allow all your stresses just float away.  Katherine will guide you from Stress to Serenity, with perfectly created background music, the harmony will soothe, create a feeling of wellbeing and enable you to relax.  Guided soundtracks to help relax, sleep, let go, move on, gain confidence, stop the world. 

The most popular hypnotherapy sessions at Pebble-Moon are now available to download.  How to stop smoking, lose weight, stage fright, fear of flying, phobias and lack of confidence.

For those times when you want to create the perfect ambience at home.  Our Room sprays, Roller Ball Perfumes and Shower Gels have been created to Katherine's recipe by a local company.  They aspire to relax, protect, uplift and comfort.  Can be purchased on their own but ideal to use together to create a 24/7 feeling of Stress to Serenity 

Each day you can choose at random an affirmation card to help you feel inspired.

Katherine & Michael Bolton xxxxxxx



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